The Library’s Buzz – December 2016

Dani Guzman, Product Marketing Director, Ex Libris We decided to use the last Buzz of 2016 to celebrate our favorite professional – the librarian. An interesting new study shows how librarians are perceived by the public, while an active Twitter feed gives librarians a chance to present themselves as they really are. Looking into 2017

Measuring the Impact of Library Change

Kevin Stehr, Vice President, ProQuest Some parts of our lives that relate to goals and changes are relatively easy to analyze. If you’re training for your first half-marathon, for instance, your times over shorter races can accurately predict your success at 13.1 miles. Other change initiatives are a bit harder to analyze. The goals may shift;

The Library’s Buzz

Dani Guzman, Ex Libris November was the month of the annual Charleston Conference, three days of thought-provoking presentations on the present and future of the library arts. Of course, Ex Libris was there – and we will shortly be sharing what we see as the key takeaways. Another important year-end event is the release of