Mobile Technology for Students – Evolution and Revolution

Jackie Sherlock, campusM
Mobile technology has come a long way in a relatively short space of time. In the the early days, mobile telephones came with batteries as big as suitcases and the only thing that you could do with them was make a phone call.

Compare that with the smartphones of today. These devices are so much more than a means of telecommunication. To many they are an essential part of their lives, so much so that in a recent survey 74% of students said they couldn’t live without their phone.

This evolution of technology has led to a revolution in user expectations. In a higher education environment, 88% of students say they would struggle to complete their studies without digital technology and they overwhelmingly say that they find this technology easy to use.
Students expect that services will be available to them via their mobile devices. More than that, these students don’t want to go looking for it – they expect relevant, personal, and in-context information delivered directly to them. While this can seem challenging for the institutions that need to provide this information, the direct delivery of in-context, personalized information is where mobile apps become incredibly powerful.
With today’s technologies, institutions must make sure that they are delivering content and services to each stakeholder that are as individual as they are. No two people are the same and their app experience should be unique to them. User roles and profiles allow universities and colleges to easily present each member of the university community with exactly the services they need.
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