Making Mobile Moments at your University


Jackie Sherlock, campusM 

Even if you have never heard the term “mobile moments” before, chances are that you will have experienced one recently: for many people they happen multiple times a day. Mobile moments are the times when you reach for your mobile device to get instant, in-context, and personalized information to make your day go that little bit more smoothly.

Whether it is checking to see when your next bus is coming, or the notification you get telling you that the shop you’ve just walked into has a sale on your favourite brand, these are mobile moments.

We take them for granted, which is exactly as it should be. A 2015 study (“Beyond Self-Report: Tools to Compare Estimated and Real-World Smartphone Use,” by Andrews, Ellis, Shaw, and Piwek, in PLos ONE 10 [10]) has shown that smartphone use can be classified as “habitual automatic behaviour.” When we use smartphones, we don’t expect to go searching for the information we want. As consumers we don’t care about all of the systems being accessed in the background to bring us the data we need. All we want is to see what is important to us as simply and as quickly as possible.

This is even truer of university students. They are used to experiencing mobile moments in their social and retail life and expect the same from their university. They want to have access to university services via their mobile devices but don’t want to log in to a multitude of different systems to get what they need. They want the university to know who they are and give them the information pertinent to them intuitively.

That’s where campusMcomes in. campusM takes all of the hard work out of mobile moments. With a single login the app knows who you are and what you need to see, and presents it in a user-friendly way.

The screen above shows seven separate systems being accessed on a single screen, with dynamically generated content: students can see all of the information they need at a glance. campusM makes it easy to deliver mobile moments to students and other members of the university community.

Check out our video for more examples of how mobile moments can make student life easier:

See you in your next mobile moment!

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