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A student’s relationship with their school starts a long time before they begin their study, even before they arrive on campus. 

This time can be stressful for the students as they embark on a new part of their life, and for institutions who want to make the process of moving from applicant through to registered student as easy and seamless as possible.

The Challenges

Schools want to attract the best students in a competitive market place – to do this they need to stand out from the crowd, and increasingly students are looking for value add items to make their study experience value for money.

Once the student has signed up to your institution keeping them there is the next big challenge. Student drop-out rates can have major implications going forwards, with loss in revenue from fees, accommodation, on-campus spending, as well as the cost involved with recruiting new students to replace those who have not continued their study.

The Mobile Solution

Many schools are now looking to their mobile app as a way to connect with students during this vital time of admissions and transition. Giving them easy to access, personalized information and services, on the technology that they are using every day, increases student satisfaction, and can also improve retention throughout this process.

We’ve recently done a case study with Lancaster University in the UK who wanted to use their campusM app to increase the number of prospective students who made Lancaster their first choice university. They saw an increased conversion rate of 14% of students who used the app making Lancaster their preferred university.

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