Mobile App Design

Is your mobile campus app strategy out of control? How many is too many?

Bob Banerjee – Solutions Architect, campusM Mobile Solutions, Ex Libris First generation campus mobile apps typically had two origins: An expansion on a student record system app A mobile version of the existing university website Expanding a student record system app is largely a one-size-fits-all solution, throwing all the functionality at everyone even if it’s

Creating a Better Course Resource List

Having looked at the most pressing challenges in resource list management in the previous installment of this blog series, we will now turn to the latest practices and technologies that can help us address these issues. As noted last time, the VALA 2016 paper entitled “A global and institutional resource-list repository:  a treasure trove for deriving new

How Can We Improve Course Resource Lists?

Once called a “reading list,” because it referred exclusively to books and journals, the academic course material provided by an instructor to his or her students has long since expanded to include all variety of resources – written, visual and digital. In addition, communications technology is constantly developing, changing the way in which instructors and