Rosetta team hard at work

Rosetta Team in the JHOVE Online Hack Day!

Adi Alter, Rosetta Product Manager, Ex Libris Many of you involved in digital preservation are familiar with JHOVE, the widely-used open source digital preservation tool used for digital files format identification, validation and characterization. Rosetta, the Ex Libris digital asset management and preservation solution, uses various tools and plug-ins to identify formats and extract technical metadata from them as part

IDCC 2017: Impressions from the Evolving Sector of Digital Asset Management & Preservation

Robert Bley, Ex Libris UK I attended IDCC this year for the first time in many years, and was pleasantly surprised by the range of issues discussed. From “big” visionary research findings, to practical day-to-day applications, it was all there. The conference began with an interesting paper which pointed out that meaning can be obtained as

Digital Time

Lessons Learned from Data Loss and the Need for Digital Preservation Strategies

Adi Alter, Rosetta Senior Product Manager, Digital Preservation and Management, Ex Libris I am frequently asked how necessary it is to apply digital preservation strategies and how frequently data is actually lost in the absence of such a strategy. I believe that this question should be addressed from a different angle – how great will

The LIBISnet Library Network of 30 independent member institutions in Belgium is live with Ex Libris Alma

The next-generation service has strengthened collaborative networks and transformed operations at the first European consortium to go live with Alma. As an Alma Development Partner, the LIBIS network has worked closely with Ex Libris for the past five years to refine the vision and priorities for Alma, which has now been selected by over 360

Don’t Stop Thinking About Digital Preservation

“Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow” was Bill Clinton’s two-time campaign theme, quoting the famous Fleetwood Mac song, and for me it aptly describes digital preservation as well. The need to constantly think and act to ensure access over time to digital content makes it completely different from everything we know about preservation in the paper

How does your digital preservation initiative compare?

Most libraries and archives who are learning about, planning or implementing a digital preservation initiative pause, at least once in awhile, to wonder; how do they compare to their peers? Are they doing better, worse; are they covering all the essential points? We’ve recently begun conducting a series of regional symposia on Digital Preservation that

On the air. On the ground.

Next week, Ex Libris’s North American user group, ELUNA, will convene in Richmond, Virginia, where I’ve been asked to give a keynote session on trends affecting next-generation library services and our plans in this realm. This will be a great opportunity to reflect on the transformational change facing not just libraries, but academia as a