Personal Reading Journey

Reading Lists: The Future is Personal

Charlotte Schaefer, Leganto Customer Success Specialist, Ex Libris When speaking with futurists, you will hear many differing opinions about what’s coming next, but the word “personalized” is mentioned over and over again: Personalized medicine, personalized AI, personalized fashion. Keyboards that adapt to the way you type, cars that adapt to the way you travel, food that

Creating a Better Course Resource List

Having looked at the most pressing challenges in resource list management in the previous installment of this blog series, we will now turn to the latest practices and technologies that can help us address these issues. As noted last time, the VALA 2016 paper entitled “A global and institutional resource-list repository:  a treasure trove for deriving new

How Can We Improve Course Resource Lists?

Once called a “reading list,” because it referred exclusively to books and journals, the academic course material provided by an instructor to his or her students has long since expanded to include all variety of resources – written, visual and digital. In addition, communications technology is constantly developing, changing the way in which instructors and

Learning from our Customers: Lessons from the Library

Tweet  Here at Ex Libris we’re particularly proud of our customer community, and it’s our good fortune to always have something to learn from our customers. Here is some food for thought from recent testimonials. Consortia and Collaboration Anya Arnold of Orbis Cascade Alliance notes that for a consortium “it’s not about the system – it’s

Discover Leganto: Adding Citations to Your Resource List [Video]

Tweet Gal Darom, Leganto Product Manager, Ex Libris Welcome to a new series of how-to videos for Ex Libris Leganto course resource solution. With Leganto instructors can easily create, maintain, and share course resource lists that include resources of all types—physical books, online or digitized book chapters, scholarly articles, videos, newspaper articles, websites, or any other type

The Evolution of Reading Lists – What Will Be the Next Step?

Tweet All universities have standard reading requirements, and according to a recent study from the Open Syllabus Project, resource lists are frequently the same across similar institutions. Humanities typically have more readings, with Plato, Machiavelli, and Hobbes taking highest rankings, and Coming of Age in Mississippi and The Communist Manifesto among the most popular historical