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The Power of Collaboration: The Summon Community in Action

Scott Schuetze, Ex Libris Libraries around the world play an active role in driving the future of library services. Ex Libris leverages the power of its user community to accelerate innovation by promoting information sharing, encouraging feedback, soliciting ideas, and allocating resources for user-nominated features across its service offerings. This customer orientation has always been

The Relevance of Librarians to Research Discovery

In a recent Inside Higher Ed article focusing on the latest “Greta Van Susteren vs. library” controversy, we are reminded by Edward Van Gemert, university librarian at the University of Wisconsin, that “the library facilitates access to content, both online and through in-person visits” to support “research, teaching and learning.” As pointed out throughout this article, the

Making Content Neutrality a Key Factor: 12 Questions to Ask Your Discovery Vendor

Eddie Neuwirth, Director of Product Management – Discovery Services, Ex Libris Every library is unique in some way, so it is logical that libraries need to take different approaches to evaluating which discovery service might be right for them. There have been a significant number of published papers and conference presentations in recent years about how