bX and the Open Platform Strategy

Paula Hane , Information Today, Inc.’s news bureau chief and editor of NewsBreaks. writes about bX in her recent article titled ‘Ex Libris Advances Its Open Platform Strategy’ . In this same article – as the title suggests – she also talks about the Ex Libris Open Platform Program and the company’s commitment to openness as a core value.

In line with this strategy of openness, bX provides an API to enable local applications to interact with the bX server and retrieve article recommendations. Results can be returned in XML, RSS and Atom formats as preferred. The use of the bX API has already been demonstrated in a test mode by David Walker at California State University, a bX test partner. See example below showing the Xerxes interface with bX recommendations (Related Articles) embedded in the interface. Xerxes is a system developed by David Walker that leverages the Metalib X-Server, WorldCat API and other web services to create a custom search-and-link library portal.

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